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Philips Shaver Holder Plate Norelco HQ7


– Norelco Philips Shaver Head Holder Plate

– Easy to install

– 1 x Shaver Head Holder+ Smart Retaining Plate

– 7-15Working Days Delivery to USA by e-packet

– Compatible with HQ7800 HQ7810 HQ7810XL HQ8100 HQ8140 HQ8141 HQ8142 HQ8150 HQ8155 HQ8160 HQ8170 HQ8171 HQ8172 HQ8173 HQ8175

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Rejuvenate Your Shave: Breathe New Life into Your Philips Norelco with a Replacement Frame & Plate!

Is your once-mighty Philips Norelco feeling a bit… rough around the edges? Does that morning shave leave you more stubbled than smooth? Don’t ditch your trusty razor just yet! Unleash its hidden potential with the Replacement Frame & Plate for Philips Norelco HQ8200, HQ8261, HQ8290, and HQ8241 and rediscover the joy of a flawless, effortless shave.


  • Kiss shaving bumps goodbye: Worn-out frames and plates harbor irritants and dull blades. Our replacements boast smooth, precision-engineered surfaces that deliver a gentle, bump-free glide, leaving your skin feeling baby-soft and oh-so-smooth.
  • Sharper than ever, shave after shave: Dull blades are a thing of the past! Our premium frame and plate optimize blade performance, ensuring razor-sharp cuts that tackle even the thickest stubble with ease. No more dragging, pulling, or patchy results. Just flawless precision, every single time.
  • Breathe new life into your old friend: Replacing your frame and plate is like giving your Philips Norelco a spa day and a makeover. It’s an affordable way to extend its lifespan and rediscover the sheer joy of a perfect shave. Who needs a whole new razor when you can revive your old favorite?

Leave the frustration behind:

  • No more patchy misses: Worn-out frames and plates can leave stubborn patches untouched. Our replacements ensure even pressure distribution across the shaving head, guaranteeing you never miss a spot again. Every stroke, every angle, flawless results.
  • Ditch the tug-of-war: Dull blades and worn surfaces mean dragging and pulling. Our precision-engineered replacements glide effortlessly across your skin, leaving you with a comfortable, irritation-free shave. Say goodbye to red bumps and hello to smooth sailing!
  • Compatibility woes? Not a chance: This kit is custom-designed for your specific Philips Norelco model, ensuring a perfect fit and seamless performance. No adapters, no tinkering, just easy installation and instant shaving bliss.

This isn’t just a replacement, it’s a transformation:

  • Premium quality you can trust: We use only the highest-grade materials and meticulous craftsmanship to ensure your replacement frame and plate deliver long-lasting performance and exceptional results.
  • Effortless installation: Simply snap them on and get shaving! It’s so easy, even a caveman could do it (though we wouldn’t recommend the shaving technique).
  • Peace of mind guaranteed: Backed by a hassle-free warranty, you can focus on enjoying your smooth shave, knowing your replacement parts are covered.

Don’t settle for a mediocre shave! Grab the Replacement Frame & Plate for your Philips Norelco today and rediscover the power of a flawless, irritation-free shave. You deserve to look and feel your best, every single morning. And hey, maybe your old pal deserves a little TLC too!


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