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Special Offers

Special Offers


Beyond Our Standard Service We Offer a Host Of Special Programs & Offers to Fit Your Needs.

From Subscription boxes for frequently purchased consumables, Custom Fabrication for Out of Production Replacements, Product Trade ins and Refurbishing, to Wholesale & Bulk Quantity Rates, regardless of your needs we aim to please!

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Personalized Solutions

Whatever Your Needs, We Want to Help!

Custom Fabrication

If you have a out of production part or replacement need that can be 3d or Resin Printed feel free to reach out as we may be able to assist.

Wholesale Purchase Rates

Are you in need of bulk quantities of parts for your shop or business? Let us know what you need and we would be happy to assist you with our bulk rate pricing program.

Subscription Boxes

We offer subscription plans on many replacement products like filters, cartridges and consumables. Check product pages for available plans, select from monthly, annual and quarterly with the ability to cancel at any time!

Available Programs

Subscription Boxes
Subscription Box Plans
  • Select your desired quantity and frequency of any frequently purchased replacement product, simply set your plan and get the piece of mind knowing the items you need will be on time every month.
  • Customize your cart anyway you like mix and match your desired subscription plan for the items you need, you can adjust frequency and quantity at any time or cancel when no longer needed.
  • We offer flexible payment options, from Paypal to Credit Card, Money Order, or even Crypto Currency, we make it convenient to pay anyway you like.
  • Valid Email & Delivery Address.
  • Currently Only Offering to Usa & Canadian Residents.
  • Offered On select products ( You may request for any desired product if a plan is not currently offered).
  • Set and forget, simply sign up & select your preferences and get your items on time every month.
  • Discounted Pricing.
  • Membership Benefits and stock preference.
  • Priority Support.
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Wholesale / Bulk Rates
Wholesale Programs
  • Wholesale Rates are offered on bulk purchases of select products, Minimum order quantity and freight charges may vary depending on the product, destination, pricing, size and weight.
  • White Labeling and custom packaging may also be available depending on the product.
  • Moq ( minimum order quantities ) vary and are set per product for wholesale rate requests.
  • Payments methods for wholesale purchases may vary depending on product and client relationship, test orders may be purchased via Paypal or Credit Card however bulk purchases must be fulfilled via bank / wire transfer, western union or cash for in person pick up.
  • Wholesale discounts and pricing rates.
  • White labeling and custom packaging.
  • US-US shipping for fast inventory restocking & fulfillment.
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Custom Part Fabrication
Custom 3D Printed Part fabrication
  • For those in need of parts or replacements that are no longer manufactured or never manufactured we may be able to assist via 3d & resin mold printing.
  • Parts or replacements that can be 3d printed typically will be simplistic plastic components like latches, connectors, cartridges, levers etc, More complex items and metalic parts may not be capable of being fabricated at this time, we would be happy to consult with you to understand your particular replacement needs to gauge if we may be able to offer a solution.
  • We may require a small Moq ( minimum order quantity ) depending on the project and complexity.
  • Bespoke solution to dead stock parts.
  • Keep your product in use far outside the typical lifespan even after manufacturers stop support.
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Product Trade ins & Refurbishments
Product trade ins & Refurbishment Program
  • Decided to move on or upgrade instead of part replacement? No longer comfortable with Diy part replacements or repairs? We may be able to help with our product purchase trade in & refurbishment program.
  • We are interested in high demand electronics, tools, equipment, gadgets and devices in various condition and offer fair pricing for product trade ins.
  • We also offer in house repair & refurbishment services on select items ( mainly electronic devices ) if you think you may have a product of interest that’s no longer in use feel free to contact us with photos and current condition for a fair trade in pricing quote.
  • We offer product trade ins only for select products mainly in demand electronics, phones, computers, specialty tools & equipment etc.
  • In house product Repair is also only currently available for select products & equipment, feel free to contact us to check if your product is supported.
  • Eligibility to participate in our company matching 401k plan after 30 days of employment.
  • PTO allowance.
  • Healthcare Flexible Spending Account and Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account.
  • Employee Assistance Program.
  • Tuition Reimbursement Program.
  • Employee discounts automotive aftermarket accessories.
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