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HomeProductsHealth / BeautyReplacement Electric Toothbrush Handle for Philips Sonicare / Flexcare+ HX6921/11/6972 HX6920

Replacement Electric Toothbrush Handle for Philips Sonicare / Flexcare+ HX6921/11/6972 HX6920


– 5 brushing modes

-Fully compatible replacement

– Illuminated display

1000000 in stock

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Unleash a Sonic Smile Revolution: Upgrade Your Philips Sonicare Experience with a Brand New Handle

Is your trusty Philips Sonicare starting to look a little, well, tired? Does the battery seem to whisper “nap time” more often than it used to? Don’t toss it just yet! Give your beloved brush a second wind with this powerful replacement handle and rediscover the magic of a truly sonic smile.


  • Bristling with energy: Ditch the sluggish vibes and say hello to a rejuvenated brushing experience. This new handle boasts a long-lasting battery that keeps your brush humming (literally) for months, not minutes.
  • Feel the sonic difference: Experience the unmatched cleaning power of Philips Sonicare technology all over again. This handle delivers thousands of gentle vibrations per minute, removing plaque and stains for a sparkling clean mouth you can smile about.
  • Style meets substance: This handle isn’t just functional, it’s sleek and sophisticated. Choose from classic black or a vibrant pop of color to express your unique style while enjoying a superior clean.

But wait, there’s more! This isn’t just a handle, it’s a gateway to a world of sonic possibilities:

  • Unlock advanced features: Depending on your model, this handle can connect to the Philips Sonicare app, giving you access to personalized brushing routines, progress tracking, and even reminders to keep your smile on point.
  • Travel-friendly convenience: Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a global citizen, this handle’s compact design makes it the perfect travel companion. Just pop it in your bag and say goodbye to plaque, even far from home.
  • Sustainable smiles: By replacing the handle instead of buying a whole new brush, you’re doing your part for the planet. It’s a small step for your bathroom, but a giant leap for a greener future.

Don’t settle for a subpar smile. Invest in a new Philips Sonicare handle and rediscover the power of a truly sonic clean!

Order yours today and:

  • Experience the invigorating feeling of a brand new brush.
  • Enjoy months of powerful cleaning and long-lasting battery life.
  • Express your style while giving your oral health the VIP treatment.

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