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Logitech G9 G9X Repair Kit


Package included:

– 1 X NEW High Quality USB Mouse cable For logitech G9 Mice (Size: 1.8 meters long).

– 1 X NEW High Quality Mouse feet For logitech G9 Mice,

– includes 1 Sets of feet / 1 Alcoholic Swabs (Size: Special 1.1mm Edition)

– Mouse Feet suitable for Logitech mouse G9 G9X .

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Unleash the Beast Within: Revive Your Logitech G9/G9X Mouse with the Ultimate Repair Kit!

Is your once-mighty Logitech G9/G9X mouse feeling a bit… sluggish? Are those double clicks more like triple woes? Don’t let a few worn-out parts dim the glow of your gaming supremacy! Reignite the fire with the Logitech G9/G9X Mice Repair Kit, your gateway to restored glory and epic victories.


  • Butter-smooth glides, pixel-perfect clicks: Swap those squeaky sliders and stiff buttons for feather-light precision. Every twitch, every scroll, every devastating headshot will be executed with laser focus.
  • No more phantom clicks or double-click despair: Ditch the frustrating misfires and reclaim control. This kit rejuvenates your mouse, turning rage-inducing clicks into satisfying snipes.
  • Upgrade your game, not your wallet: Restore your G9/G9X at a fraction of the cost of a new mouse. This kit is your budget-friendly path to extended dominance and pixelated glory.

Leave the frustration behind:

  • Sticky buttons banished: Bid farewell to the gummy grip of age. Our replacement buttons offer crisp, responsive clicks that put you back in the driver’s seat.
  • Squeaky scroll silenced: End the symphony of mouse wheel woes. With our smooth-gliding replacement, scrolling becomes a whisper-quiet pleasure.
  • Compatibility woes? Not on our watch: This kit is tailor-made for your G9/G9X, ensuring seamless integration and zero setup headaches.

This isn’t just a repair kit, it’s a gamer’s resurrection:

  • Premium quality you can trust: We use top-notch materials and meticulous craftsmanship to ensure your revived mouse can handle even the most intense battle royale.
  • Effortless installation: No need for soldering or engineering degrees. Our kit comes with clear instructions and intuitive parts, making the upgrade a breeze.
  • Peace of mind guaranteed: Backed by a hassle-free warranty, you can focus on conquering objectives, not worrying about replacements.

Don’t settle for a lagging legend. Revive your Logitech G9/G9X with the ultimate repair kit! You deserve every pixel-perfect headshot, every clutch play, every victory dance. This kit is your ticket back to the top of the leaderboard, the envy of your squad, and the undisputed master of your digital domain.

Bonus tip: Grab an extra kit for a friend! Share the love of restored glory and maybe even start a friendly rivalry to see who reigns supreme.

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