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New 4 x CCFL Angel Eye Halo Ring Car Light Lamp For BMW E46 White


This auto light is not a straightforward light, it is a white Car Angel Eyes Light Lamp which emphasizes CCFL light tube with the world’s most praiseworthy Japanese imports of cathodes, and the impact is superior to the regularly utilized plate cathode. It accompanies a warm white light and the color security can keep the same reliably. Due to its low power utilization and vitality sparing focal points, this white auto heavenly attendant eye light has a hot deal for the strength. .An incredible thing!

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I.The plastic

1. With the Japanese type of optical grade UV resistant polycarbonate material, high transmittance, high temperature, high resistance to aging

2. Plastic bit thick, three-dimensional sense of strong, threaded optical light guide best reflection angle (through the optical test)

3. Backplane metal plating materials, play the maximum brightness of reflected light pipe focus

II. CCFL lamp

1. CCFL light tube with the world’s most advanced Japanese imports of electrodes, the effect is better than the commonly used plate electrode. The advantages of the light pipe at both ends of the electrode position is not black, no light blind spots, fluorescent tubes, electrodes to increase life expectancy than the average 1.5-2 times. General electrode fluorescent tubes will be some time in the use of electrode position after starting from the black, short-lived

2. Aperture of Japan the most advanced and stable light pink, life in the 15000-20000 hours

3. Light color stability of the same

III. stable water drive

1. The current is small, low power consumption, extend the life of the aperture, and power

2. Suitable for pressure flow suitable protection, without limiting the size of the aperture.

3. The products are air force test, vibration test and humidity over 36 hours of testing, quality and stability

Package Includes:

4 x Aperture

2 x Waterproof Driver

1 x Installation Accessories


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