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Lilo and stitch kawaii shoe charms Set for Crocs


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lilo stitch crocs

Calling all Ohana! Get ready to surf into style with these adorable Lilo & Stitch Croc charms! This 4-pack set features everyone’s favorite mischievous alien experiment and his island bestie, ready to transform your Crocs into a tropical fashion statement.

Picture this:

  • Stitch’s mischievous grin peeking out from your side holes, ready to cause playful chaos.
  • Lilo’s sweet flower lei blossoming on your top clogs, adding a touch of island sweetness.
  • Together, they create a vibrant island vibe that’s sure to turn heads and spark smiles wherever you go.

But it’s not just about looks! These charms are crafted with durable PVC material that’s easy to clean and pops securely into your Croc holes. So, go ahead, splash through puddles, dance in the sand, and let your inner island spirit shine!

Here’s what makes these charms extra special:

  • 4 unique designs: Stitch in classic pose, Lilo with Scrump, a playful Stitch face, and a tropical flower.
  • Kawaii cuteness overload: Every detail, from Stitch’s big eyes to Lilo’s flowing hair, is captured with adorable precision.
  • The perfect gift for Lilo & Stitch fans: Spread the Ohana love with this charming gift that’s sure to delight kids and adults alike.

So, don’t wait! Grab your pack of Lilo & Stitch Croc charms today and let the island adventure begin!

P.S. Feeling extra creative? Mix and match these charms with other tropical-themed Jibbitz to create your own personalized Croc masterpiece!


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