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Large Embroidery Hoop for Brother SE400 PE500 LB6800 Machine – Replaces SA434


– Embroidery band has a weaving territory of 6.75″ x 4″.

– Excellent for additional huge outlines without repositioning your fabric or re-hooping.

– Combine a few little plans to make a bigger outline


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Craving epic embroidery projects that leave jaws dropping? Ditch the limitations of small hoops and unleash your inner embroidery giant with our Large Embroidery Hoop for Brother SE400, PE500, and LB6800 machines. This isn’t just a hoop, it’s a portal to a world of boundless creativity where your grandest embroidery visions come to life!


  • Majestic landscapes: Stitch sprawling mountain ranges, serene oceans, or vibrant cityscapes that capture the true grandeur of the world.
  • Life-sized masterpieces: Embroider intricate portraits, family trees, or beloved pets in stunning detail, creating keepsakes that are truly larger than life.
  • Home décor delights: Craft stunning wall hangings, tablecloths, or even bedspreads that transform your space with the magic of needle and thread.

But wait, there’s more! This hoop isn’t just about size, it’s about precision and ease:

  • Effortless stitching: The large embroidery area gives you ample space to maneuver, minimizing hoop adjustments and making even the most intricate designs a breeze.
  • Crystal-clear markings: The built-in grid ensures perfect alignment and accuracy, guaranteeing your stitches fall exactly where you intend.
  • Secure hold: The sturdy construction and reliable locking mechanism keep your fabric taut and wrinkle-free, preventing puckering and ensuring professional-looking results.

Upgrade your embroidery game and break free from size constraints! This Large Hoop is the perfect partner for ambitious projects and bold ideas.

Order yours today and:

  • Embark on epic embroidery adventures: From sprawling landscapes to stunning portraits, the possibilities are endless.
  • Impress your loved ones: Create jaw-dropping gifts and home décor that showcase your embroidery prowess.
  • Push your creative boundaries: Embrace the freedom of large-scale embroidery and let your imagination soar.

Don’t settle for small-scale dreams. Grab the Large Embroidery Hoop and stitch your way to embroidery greatness!

Bonus Tips:

  • Highlight the specific dimensions of the hoop to showcase its spaciousness.
  • Share inspiring examples of large-scale embroidery projects created with this hoop.
  • Offer comparison photos or videos showcasing the size difference compared to standard hoops.
  • Run promotions or discounts to encourage customers to take the leap into large-scale embroidery.

With this unique and compelling product description, your Large Embroidery Hoop will be calling out to all Brother machine owners with big dreams and even bigger embroidery ambitions!

Compatible with:

– Brother: SE-270d, SE-350, Se400, Se425, PE-300s, PE-400d, Pe500, He1, HE-120, HE-240, LB-6770, Lb6770 PRW, LB-6800prw

– Innov-is 500d, Innov-is 900d, Innov-is 950d, Simplicity Sb7050e


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