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Hard Drive Head Replacement Tool Kit – Salvation Data (37 Piece)


– New SD Head Replacement Toolkit

– High-precision injection moulding + advanced research in different hard drives’ inner physical structure

– Fix effectively: Fix the head arms and head replacement toolkit (head combs) by inserting the locking pins into the arms;

– Fix heads contact: Outer-parking-designed head replacement toolkit is able to separate the heads successfully;

– Features of SD head replacement toolkit: Outstanding performance, tested chemical stability and good wearing resistance, to be used for long between -20℃ and 85℃;

– Manage Donor Heads Effectively: Easily keep and manage your donor heads with SD head replacement toolkit so that you don’t bother each time installing the donor heads back to the hard drives;

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SD head substitution toolbox is one flawless match of an alternate SD prominent clean room information recuperation instrument HD HPE PRO for high achievement rate head substitution and platter swap.salvationdata-head-comb.jpg

SD head substitution tool compartment contains two sections: 16 separate sorts of head brushes supporting distinctive brands of hard drives’ different heads supplanting and 16 locking pins with altered sprung crevices to alter the head brushes and head arms and add to the head substitution achievement rate. This tool compartment absolute has 32 piece.

What is SD head trade tool compartment intended for?

When its affirmed to be head harm or other hard drive physical harms which oblige you to perform the head substitution, SD head substitution tool stash is to guarantee the right and fruitful operation of head substitution.

Acquiring Note:

1, Before you can utilize SD new head brush suite extremely well, you have to have some knowledge of head substitution or have utilized natural head substitution items or you require more practice on the toolbox;

2, Before you utilize the head substitution tool stash for head substitution, you have to utilize HD HPE PRO to dismantle the hard drives and uproot a few segments, for example, the spread, HSA plug, top magnet, and so on;

3, Remember to work with SD head substitution toolbox, you ought to have clean room environment or no less than one qualified clean seat.

We are not in charge of any harm done specifically or in a roundabout way because of misproper utilization of devices.


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