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Coleman (Obsolete) 18v Volt Battery Charger Alternative Replacement


– Brand New

– Compatible with:

Coleman Batteries with FULL-OVAL posts;

PMD8127, PMD8127BAT (12V)

PMD8128, PMD8128BAT (14.4V)

PMD8129, PMD8129BAT (18V)

PMD8130, PMD8130BAT (18V)

PMD8131, PMD8131BAT (PA1801 or BA1801) and PMD8131BA-PR (18V)

CMD8191, CMD8191BAT (18V)

Battery models #141 and #166 and #222 (18V)

9999 in stock

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Many other Coleman power packs with the FULL-OVAL battery pack submit. Many got ZERO style range on them anywhere. These people simply got “18 Volt” on them. Many have been most natural, several have been natural using african american tabs, several have been most african american and several have been african american using red-colored tabs quietly. Would not work with PT18BAT battery pack that’s fifty percent oval submit!!!

IS NOT GOING TO Use Coleman PT18BAT battery pack!!!! That is a half-oval submit battery pack, Along with the good and also adverse terminals within the battery pack usually are reversed through the photograph regarding 2 Coleman power packs on this public sale. We’ve set a major red-colored “X” from the photograph from the PT18BAT battery pack on this public sale to be able to pre warn people which it doesn’t work with which model battery pack.

This particular charger will likely fee virtually any Ni-Cd (Nickel Cadmium) 9. 6 volt, 10. 8 volt, 12 volt, 13. only two volt, 18. 4 volt, 15. 6 volt, 16. 8 volt and also eighteen volt power packs by different companies also, as long as they’ve the complete OBLONG submit (as averse to the half-oval post), as long as the good (+) metallic speak to within the battery pack submit can make experience of the good (+) metallic speak to in the charger when the battery pack is actually put in the unplugged charger.


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