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Airfloss Philips hx8111 flosser handle and charger


– Removes up to 5X more plaque between teeth than manual tooth brushing alone

– Ameliorate gum health in as minute as a fortnight

– Fill, point, and clean for a facile 30 second cleaning routine

– Safe and gentle on teeth and gums, and safe to utilize with implants, veneers, and orthodontics

– Can be utilized with mouthwash for a fresh clean

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If flossing isn’t a conventional part of your oral care routine, you’re not reaching the bacteria that can build up between teeth, causing plaque and malodorous halitus. The amended Philips Sonicare AirFloss offers a simple, efficacious way to emaculate between your teeth. With one-button functionality and a guidance tip that ascertains targeted cleaning, Sonicare AirFloss can facilely clean between all of your teeth in just 30 seconds. Get exhilarated for your next dentist visit


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