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7Fin Extractor Blade Blender Replacement Part For Nutri Ninja Juicer 1000/1500W


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Rev Up Your Nutri Ninja: Unleash the 7-Fin Fury!

Is your Nutri Ninja feeling sluggish? Struggling with smoothie chunks and lackluster juices? Don’t toss that trusty blender just yet!

Introducing the 7-Fin Extractor Blade, the ultimate upgrade for your 1000/1500W Nutri Ninja. This ain’t your average replacement blade – it’s a blending beast disguised as a simple upgrade.

Here’s why the 7-Fin Fury will rock your smoothies and rule your kitchen:

  • 7 razor-sharp, precision-angled blades: Pulverize fruits, veggies, and even nuts into silky-smooth oblivion. Say goodbye to chunks and hello to velvety perfection.
  • Stainless steel strength: Built to last, these blades conquer ice and frozen ingredients with ease, leaving no icy bits behind.
  • Leakproof lockdown: The snug-fitting gasket keeps your blends contained, so you can focus on pureeing, not mopping.
  • Effortless replacement: Snap it in, twist it tight, and get blending – even your grandma can handle this upgrade.
  • Clean-up champion: Pop it in the dishwasher and let the suds do the dirty work.

But the 7-Fin Fury is more than just muscle:

  • Unlock hidden smoothie potential: Go beyond basic blends and create culinary masterpieces with dips, nut butters, sauces, and even baby food.
  • Effortless meal prep: Chop veggies, grind spices, and pulverize herbs in seconds, making healthy eating a breeze.
  • Impress your family and friends: Whip up restaurant-worthy smoothies and dips that will have everyone asking for your secret.

Don’t just replace, upgrade! Unleash the 7-Fin Fury and rediscover the blending power your Nutri Ninja was born with. Order yours today and get ready to blend like never before!


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